26 April 2005

Ed & Ed, Movers

The movers have come and gone, taking with them everything I want to ship to Iceland. They were one-of-a-kind true Mass mover men ("is loom spelled l.u.m.e?") but they wrapped and carried with balletic grace. Ed #2 told me about his dreams of being a cook, which he'd abandoned out of concern for his figure. His new idea is to take to long-haul trucking with his guitar. Good money there apparently.

Ed #1 was pretty stoic so I don't know what his future aspirations are, although as the temperature outside climbed, he did mention an interest in a cold one after the job was done. Guess the 3 flights of stairs got to him a bit.

Now I'm left with a few sheets of paper covered in cryptic scrawls ("Loom 50 SCRD-CH-M-4-10.2-120"... got that?) and a few dust bunnies. It was hard watching that loom go into the van. It's been with me since I got it 8 years ago, and now we're going to be separated for an unknown length of time.