30 March 2005

incipit vita nova

Well, I've bought the ticket, my last day at work is tomorrow, and my apartment lease is up in a month. I've been thinking of moving out of the country ever since I got my passport, and now it seems like it's going to finally really happen.

Half the time I think it's an insane idea.. the other half of the time I think it's the most logical progression of events in the world and I can't wait for things to get moving. So far all I've really done is change the address on my subscription to the New Yorker (did you know you can change to an international address and not pay extra?) Got the important things covered...

I try to imagine myself there, going to the little Icelandic grocery store, swimming in those fantastic pools every day after work, surrounded by those Ansel Adams mountains and it's wildly exciting and terrifying.

Currently things aren't particularly blog-worthy but these be early days!


Bryan Bessette said...

I just wanted to write to let you know that I read your early posts and always imagine the feelings you had when you finally left the United States. I admire your courage.

cara lou said...

I've just read your entire blog over the past week or so and enjoyed every minute. Your descriptions of the landscape and weather and just the feeling of Iceland were so perfect and made me long to go back. I was just there for my second trip about 3 weeks ago and I've been stuck in a sort of sad listlessness since I stepped onto the airplane to fly back to the States. :(

I do hope you continue to write more blog posts! Bless bless