06 July 2005

they're keeping me

Just before I left to return to the US, I got a job which will allow me to stay in rvk for the next year, so I had to go get all the papers that still stand between me and the all-important kennitala (the Icelandic social security number)

I had to brave the eternal construction on Hringbraut (betri hringbraut) that blocks off normal pathways, and sends pedestrians on scavenger hunts for the "gönguleið" that is marked to go straight into a hillside. On the other side of this hike is the immigration office, rigged out with the usual 2-year old magazines, the "please take a number" stand and a whole lot of confused immigrants.

The paperwork is all the bright yellow color of cheap athletic socks, and requires a barrage of supplementary elements and repeating yourself in 3 different ways, but in some ways seems remarkably simple. There's no application fee, and the main 2 forms are only a total of 5 pages.

I'm excited about the job, and can't wait for this part to be worked through so I can finally get started. I've been in between things since March now, with a new phase every month, and I'm about ready for some regularity in my life.

Anyway, now that it's down to the paperwork, I'm feeling like getting the job was nothing short of miraculous. I also wanted to say thanks to all the people who helped make it happen, and to all the people who never stopped believing in this crazy plan.


The Prima said...

Wo Ho! Way to go, E!

By the way, I really enjoyed your bar party - thanks for inviting me.

Paulynn said...

Wow great to know! I can go there (with an extended stay visa/permit) and then look for work, hopefully to find something that will help me stay longer and then get a SS#!

Your blog is very informative on many levels! I appreciate the sharing! In the meantime before getting a job, I can continue to do my freelance graphic design with US clients and do my Africa work. I do want to work and live with people in Iceland - not be a tourist or always from out of town.

If you have any pointers for arranging work, after your experience, I would be grateful!

TAKK again!