12 December 2005

live from Prague

J and I are in the Golden City, staying at a hipster hotel of cool, eating boiled bread dumplings, and drinking lots of beer straight from the country that invented it. This place is nothing like the Land with the coal smoke smell, the trollies, the huge variety of restaurants and shops that the rest of the world finds as normal life.

In predictable Icelanders-on-vacation style, we paid a visit to the Reykjavik restaurant in the Old Town to read some Icelandic signs, and we have been enjoying the crazy feeling of extreme wealth that happens anytime we leave the Skyr Zone. We are buying leather goods and my favorite in-a-foreign-land purchase, your basic pharmacy needs like face cream and toothpaste.

In other news, I hear we missed the ASTOUNDING crowning of Miss Iceland as Miss World. Icelanders certainly make their mark wherever they go.

Ship sighting: Nothing to report here.... have not seen the ocean since the dark morning driving to the airport on Saturday. We did go through Hafnarfjordur (I miss my Icelandic keyboard- this czech thing has weird letters) and I got to see all their shipyards. They are even closer to the road than the ones in Reykjavik. When the harbor in Reykjavik is changed around so those docks aren't there anymore, I might have to move to Hafnarfjordur so I can get my daily dose of boatwork.

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Khan said...

Hi, enjoyed reading about Iceland.
I made my first trip there last July and I simply fell in love with the country.
Wondering if you can give any tips on finding work there and any general ideas of the cost of living.
Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!