09 January 2006

the papers... again

I had not been at work for more than 2 minutes when co-worker D asked if I had been at the concert this weekend. He's a Morgunblaðið subscriber and the hat did get us in the papers. This is no shammyshady paper like last time we were in the papers in Iceland either. It's like the Boston Globe instead of the National Enquirer. Moving up in the world, moving up.

I also just learned that the waterfall videos that were projected on the scrim before the show started were made by the mother of one of J's coworkers. It's impossible to go to a large event here and not know at least 3 people that are somehow involved in the event, and this is after living here only a short time.

Ship Sighting: This morning I noticed Vikingur was back in the shipyard. I guess they took it for a spin and realised they'd missed a spot or something.

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