24 March 2006

Iceland's great sparkly hope

Any European readers will know exactly what I'm talking about when I say that Eurovision is a Big Deal over here. It's hard to believe that half the world has no idea what I'm talking about when it's something that's so exciting, the host country, Greece, had a two-page ad in the Economist a few weeks ago, half of which was about their role as Eurovision host this year. They even went so far to compare their winner last year to the legendary soprano Maria Callas (yeah right.. I think there might have been a feewww other reasons why she got so many votes).

Iceland's always really sure they're going to win, and this year we're sending our very best TV personality, Silvía Nótt. She won the privilege to represent us with this winning performance. The thing is tacky, cheesy, and making fun of everything Eurovision is about. It's great.

Unfortunately, they had to make an English version so more than the 300,000 people here would get it, and I just saw it today. I love it almost as much, although I like the "what language IS that??" component of the original. Decide for yourself here. We're totally going to win, aren't we?

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