07 June 2006

hot places

Tomorrow I'm flying to Italy, so I spent the evening trying to cobble together some semblance of a hot weather wardrobe. When I moved from the States, I happily left behind all my shorts, my thin dresses, and my shoes that left my toes out in the fresh air. Summer was never my favorite thing- the inescapable sticky humidity of Boston in August, and the unstructured wardrobe of hot weather that always made me feel just a little too exposed. For most of the year, I pretended it didn't exist, and therefore never invested in summer clothing I actually liked. What little I did have, I left behind, forgetting that I might be visiting places where those items would be needed. As a result, I have one pair of sandals, but nine pairs of boots. Bring me sweaters, not tank tops! Still, I think I've managed to pack something creatively enough that won't scandalize any Italians (thanks to my sister-in-law, I will be fantastically shod, my only saving grace).

Iceland's not helping me imagine hot places today either- it was one of those low gray days where the breeze is fresh and invasive, carrying rain droplets in the gusts, and the cloud cover has actually made it feel like dusk is falling. It's hard to imagine all those hot places in the world where skirts flutter against bare legs, and jackets are accessories, not necessities. I'll be there soon, in the dark nights and everything, and the little streets of Reykjavik will once again seem like an impossible memory.

Ship sighting: It's been a mysterious and foggy few days after some spectacular pink sunset ocean on Saturday night, but yesterday I did see the cruise ship Athena on her way out, escorted by a harbor pilot. They parted ways in the center of the living room window view, and Athena continued to the east. She's operated by the same company as last week's visitor Funchal, and it looks like their Arctic cruise itinerary hits several towns here in Iceland.


The Prima said...

Enjoy your trip to Italy!

tsduff said...

I just love that picture. How cool that it is "night"! Soon I'll get to see that phenomenon for myself. Enjoy the warmth of Italy :-)