26 October 2006

filling in the gaps

Yesterday I decided to take the long way home, so I went to Hlemmer to walk the length of Laugavegur. Since I was there and it was early enough in the day for shops to be open, I crossed the street to check out the Asian store that opened a few months ago. Joy! A bonanza of Asian goodies awaited within, starting with cheap kitchenware and working its way back to the coconut vinegar and generous stacks of wasabi tubes. The refrigerator section contained all kinds of exciting things too- green peppercorns still in their as-grown clusters, huge chunks of fresh ginger, and a variety of dried mini-fishes that should appeal to the most hard-core harðfiskur-and-hákarl eating Icelander. I loaded up on noodles and seasonings, then threw in a few goodies that took me back to the old Porter Exchange days of college- the Kasugai wasabi peas, and Pocky. Sadly, they didn't have the legendary Men's Pocky, or the favorite snack of my first year in college, tomato salad pretz, but finding these other treats were enough to send me out of the shop skipping with joy.

It seems like every time I resign myself to having to go without some culinary experience that was part of my life in the US, I discover little shop or restaurant to take care of the need. Dejected about Indian? Austurlanda Hraðlestin takes care of you. Lost over the lack of Asian treats? Incoming! And THEN, if it wasn't enough to be able to burn my nostrils with wasabi whenever I want, I discovered a new shop's opened on Laugavegur that has a gaggle of Mexican seasonings. I'm afraid to hope that spicy Italian sausage wagons will join the waffle cart downtown on the weekends. If that happens, I'm applying for citizenship immediately!


Annie Rhiannon said...

I never check out these kind of places, but I must do. Where is the new Asian store?

ECS said...

it's right across from Hlemmer. There's a toy store or something next to it, then a 10-11. It's quel treat if you're needing spice-n-noodles

tsduff said...

Are you thinking of applying for citizenship at all? I have heard tell it is quite a lengthy process, not to mention a 5 year wait period. I thought if you aren't married to an Icelander, you can't really be a citizen. I'm so excited for you about all the asian goodies! I love pocky - my kids have had them in their stockings at Christmas each year, along with botan rice candies and yes, wasabi peas. I wonder if they stock bitter melon tea? And, give a shout if they ever come up with those lovely sausages. My Icelander doesn't like it - must be in the genes.

gk said...

I think your talking about the one on the corner of hverfisgata and barónsstíg, It as been there some time ,at least two years

ECS said...

Terry- I'm making sure that my visas are in order in case I do want to (there's the not-good-for-citizenship one and the good-for-citizenship one) but beyond that I can't say for sure. It IS possible to become a citizen without marrying one but it takes longer. I'm all for keeping my options open in life- it's how I ended up here in the first place, after all.

GK- I know the one you're talking about and it's not the same one- that one is tiny and called "filipseyjar" or something. These Asian grocery stores are springing up everywhere!

Logi said...

Yeah, Asian food is springing up everywhere. As for Italian sausages you might have some luck in Ostabúðin (The Cheese Shop, strangely) on Skólavörðustígur. (Actually, I'll go have a look when I'm done with my coffee around the corner from there)

Also, I was surprised when I moved back from Italy to find Parma ham and fresh Italian mozzarella in the supermarket.

I'd like to see more authentic Italian food here, preferably at Italian prices... but then again, that would probably see my gut expand again.

sb said...

I was just looking at your glacier photographs on Flickr and oh my god! They're fantastic!
I had forgotten how blue the skye can be back home.
When you were on the glacier, did you hear the intensity of the silence? It's magical

Beautiful photographs

ECS said...

Logi- thanks for the tip! I'll have to have a look next time I'm over there.

Sirry- I'm still trying to figure out how to describe everything I felt and saw up there. Absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life!