09 January 2007

educational video

I just got this video link from co-worker K after hearing him snickering from his desk. It's painfully humorous to watch, and based on the Icelandic comments, we here aren't the only ones who think so.

Also, in spite of the awkwardness of the scene near the end, it's cool to see that area "in film", since it's the beach where my family and I walked on Christmas Day as the sun was setting, and where I have taken many photos (except in my photo you can actually SEE the church they are "filming" at the very end).


sb said...

E, do you think the average Icelander speaks like that. OMG!
I had a hard time with it, but I also wouldn't be able to tell anymore what is poor English.
But I guess theirs was really poor. Hmmm American 'plat' and Urobe hee hee hee
That's a great promo, now everyone will think we're a bunch of gnomes up there :) living on the moon hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

wow!!! this is very embarrasing for us Icelanders.. but yet funny.. but the world will think that we're all like Óskar and Maria ;)


ECS said...

sb: I hope that the fact people here find it both funny and painful attests to how strangely they speak and the quality of the video. Most people I know speak almost impeccable English, and are only confused if I try to use really fancy words.

bd: I considered not posting it because of that, but the Icelandic commenters all find it funny and I got it from an Icelander. Plus, it's the beginning of an infomercial, a genre of "film" that's wretched no matter what country it comes from.

dtw said...

Oh, YouTube. Just gotta love it.

After cracking up at a semi-full Reykjavík cafeteria, I also feel obliged to give the fellow readers another Iceland involving video link. One of the local banks, recently changed its name from internationally friendly "KB Banki" back to Kaupþing, which it was originally called. Well, they employed John Cleese to do some of the television ads. The result is, well, see for yourself:


The links to the other ones in the series are in related videos.

Jade said...

Heh, that is amusing :). Oh, and I had been told by my wife about the Icelandic blazer/jeans combo, I see she was right!

ECS said...

DTW: funny to think you're posting comments from THIS side of the ocean now :-) I thought that looked like John Cleese in the photos I've seen around town.. good to know that I wasn't hallucinating.

jade: Either I have been here too long or there were just too many other things to notice in that video- the jeans/blazer thing totally escaped my notice!