09 February 2007

Tyrolean transit

I am writing from Innsbruck this evening, after a very long day of travel that went through Germany as well as an unexpected stop in Vienna that added six hours to our trip. We arrived too late to see any of the landscape, although the sudden and stunning presence of the shadowed Alps were still visible during the descent. I can't wait to see it during the day. Everything about the town so far seems to be classic European- narrow streets, the gas line signs high on the corners of the buildings, and the pastel buildings crowding close to each other. Our hotel though, is pure Austrian, with dark carved wood panels, curvy gilt mirrors and lots of pink rosebud chinz.

The keyboard here is just strange enough that typing is a peculiar challenge, which, combined with 19 hours of traveling and four airports, makes for some uncreative writing. They've blended together a bit, although the Vienna airport's sex shop made for a rather entertaining half hour of browsing, and I am still wondering about the double hotdogs that came belted together in Frankfurt.

The group I am with is all Icelandic, so it's been a bit of overload after a whole day of the language, but I am sure that with sleep my outlook on everything will improve. Until then, good night!


Boston/Providence said...

I've read all your posts during slow times at work. It contains so much useful information. I thank you for all your work and feel I owe you some kind of debt. You could really use this to your advantage. Getting people here in the states to bring you much needed or missed items, be they the grocery type or otherwise. I will be traveling to Iceland this week and will surely enjoy myself. Thanks!!

Sarah said...

What's the trip for? Business or pleasure? how fun!

-Sarah :O)

Boston/Providence said...

Trip is for fun, fun, fun!!! Just 5 hours away from Logan Airport, could it be any better? News from S.E Mass: I havn't have to use salt, sand or my shovel YET this year! I read something about Icelander's dislike of all thing peanut butter; any thoughts on this?

Anonymous said...

sooo....did you buy anything from the store ;)

cK said...

Ooo, Vienna and Innsbruck. Nice cities...so I imagine. I've only written about architecture there.

I hope you have a lovely time. Please eat some cake and tell us about it! Vicarious dining.

tsduff said...

How on earth did you get so lucky, to first of all, live in Iceland, and secondly, acquire a job in which you get to travel so much? Sounds so great.

Mariovsky said...

I think the same than tsduff you are so lucky, I'm only living in Reykjavík but I want to travel more. If somebody want to pay me the flights... ;-)

ECS said...

hi all! I should first clarify that this trip was nothing to do with business, and when I return to Iceland (soon!) I will explain. It´s been an amazing week of landscape and activity and I´m not yet sure how I will explain it all!