07 May 2007

Touchdown Oslo

Am writing from the fair capitol of Norway where I will be for the next few days. I am not sure where the apostrophe is on the keyboard but everything else I have encountered is remarkably well organized. The airport is the tidiest I have seen (such beautifully parked planes and nary a spare luggage cart left lying out of kilter), and the train into the city center is the only one I have been on with its own in-trip magazines, safety cards, and TV monitor broadcasting the latest BBC headlines.
I arrived in the dark so I have not seen much yet but the abundance of wood has been immediately evident. The enormous arcing beams in the airport, the seats in the train, the lovely train platform supports we passed on the way in are all of palest wood. A nice change from stone-land where I live. Spring has also arrived here so on the walk from the train to hotel, the air was redolent with the scent of hyacinths and the dozens of frilly white tulips planted along the edge of the palace gardens, and the leaves above dripped with the drizzle that made the pavements gleam. This will be an interesting week!


cK said...

My only knowledge of Oslo is that fastfood seems to be more expensive than good food at a decent restaurant, which is a really good way to structure a society.

Angel said...

Oslo! You are off in far away lands I see-

I've been busy with finals and all kinds of goofy stuff (like grading exams and explaining said grades) but now my semetser is over and I am settling into the grind of dissertation writing, so call me sometime.

Trees- huh you should see North Carolina- trees, green, resplendant and blooming everywhere. (Nothing like the smaell of the dogwood during a southern spring.)

Carbon Copy said...

Last time I was in Norway for Spring, I remember packing flowers, moss, leaves and pieces of bark in separate zip lock bags.

Later I would open them at once to get a spring essence orgy. This would trigger the most powerful and sensual reminiscences, the best high ever. Enjoy Norway!

ECS said...

ck: I do have to say that the dining there was pleasantly surprising. I didn't dip into the fast food choices but the mid-range restaurant options (mid-range for someone coming from Iceland, mind you) were delightful, and I was happy to have lots and lots of the brown goat cheese at breakfast. Goes well with cucumbers.

angel: we must catch up soon! It's busy times up here but I'll look for you online. I miss the excessive smell of flowering trees here, I have to say.

cc: I think spring smells here are just as delicious, and I make sure to inhale as much as often when I am outside. Mixed with the sea breezes it is delectable!