14 September 2007

in which I discuss girly things

This post is one that the gents may want to tune out, as it discusses the topic of moisturizers.

Now that you've been warned, I have to mention a particular product that I noticed had become the scent of pool locker rooms to me, Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Honey Drops lotion. The spicy sweet smell has been detected in every major locker room of the Reykjavík Capital Area, is probably hot up in Akureyri, and all the country pools between too. It's so common that the flavors are now inextricably mixed with that of sulphur, toasted hair from the hairdryers, and a hint of chlorine. Someone's always around the corner slathering the stuff on post-swim. It's so popular that I've seen women in the duty-free at KEF with an entire shopping basket full of tubs. Icelandic women are ADDICTED to this product, so much so that they came out with a special supersize duty-free package of it, available only in the airport. Women were going all rabid-dogs on those too.

So last time I went through on my way back from Norway, I picked up the small size tub to see what the big excitement was all about, and joined the crowd o' honey-scented sheep and scooped it on last time I was at Laugardalslaug.

I get it now. THIS is the secret to not being all miserably dry-n-itchy in the winter when swimming regularly. This moisturizer goes with Icelandic pool habits like cinnamon and cider (another one of those things that I am missing as fall closes in). Icelanders are pretty trend-susceptible though, so I am curious to see how long the product love lasts before some new potion's on the market and out in every single pool locker room.


Visionary & Medium Extraordinaire said...

I'd say the Icelanders are extremely trend-susceptible! They love their new stuff, but move onto other new things very quickly. I see it now, that I've been away for so long, and when people come to visit me here. It's amazing and amuzing :)

Anonymous said...

Can i get some advice from you on iceland? I am coming there soon.


ECS said...

sirrý: I have heard all of the stories of the footbaths everyone had to have, the soda fountains everyone had, and the resulting glut of them in second hand shops! It is somewhat comical to observe. I can think of quite a few raging trends in my time here too, from the hair accessory fad (stretchy beaded comb do-dad) to the excitement over going to the canary islands for holiday.

nameless one: what advice are you looking for?