11 January 2008

talking about nothing

one of the things I've learned while spending time driving this past week is that the radio in the commute-time evening contains 2 things: news, and people calling in and talking about random stuff. They have idle quizzes about certain bands and then after 20 minutes of slow Icelandic talking, will play a song or two, and then repeat.

None of the stuff is particularly controversial or full of hot debate, as this clip K just sent me illustrates. The hosts are asking the caller what the English word for "kjúkling" is. Given the prevalence of KFC here it's kind of surprising that he doesn't know.


Anonymous said...

You got your car! Hooray! I remember getting a ride to the car rental place in Reykjavik and listening to Icelandic talk radio on the way there. Totally surreal!

-Sarah :O)

Professor Batty said...

... I vividly remember a day-trip to Snæfellsness listening to the radio and wondering about the content. I was most impressed when they played Captain Beefheart!

ECS said...

sarah: car is temporary but still enjoyable :) Hopefully a more permanent solution happens soon.

batty: they do have eclectic taste in tunes here. It does seem as if they go to the closeout bins at music stores and buy obscure CDs to play here, doesn't it?

tsduff said...

I enjoy listening to the Icelandic voices over the radio while we are there. I find the Icelandic accent and melodic verbiage comforting and easy to listen to, and also the music is great. Upon leaving on my last trip, I remember traveling along an unusually sparkling sea, (reminiscent of the beautiful southern California coast) on the way to Keflavik after the stunning lava pocked coastline of Hafnafjordur, listening to Gerry Rafferty singing Baker Street. Wutie the eclectic mix.

Hope you had fun away for the holiday. Missed your Icelandic posts.

M@ttisulweb! said...

Congratulations on your blog!
Greetings from Italy