22 April 2008

beyond the groove

I'm about to come up on my third anniversary since I came to Iceland to try to find a job. At the time, the reasons I came were quite different than the reasons I'm here now. It's been nearly three years of all kinds of unexpected, and every time I'm in the airport, a place of unlimited possibilities, I think again about what it is that keeps me in Iceland versus the thousands of other places I now feel I could choose to live.

Moving here and working so much in other countries where I meet people from all over the world making their own little communities has made me feel like there's no place I can't go, can't find a job, and make a little world of my own. So why Iceland? What is it about this place that made me grin so huge as I was flying home on Friday two weeks ago from yet another week in Norway? Sure, it was partly that after a week of unrelenting rain in Norway, seeing clear sunshine and freshly-laundered mountains was food for the soul, but even the Icelandair flight attendants reminding us to fold up our tray tables in Icelandic was comforting.

At the airport the Monday after, the weekend was as refreshing as a trip to the spa, all sun, hot tubs and good company. My skin settled down, my body relaxed into the sunshine and the irresistible combination of rollerblading by the sea while surrounded by the solidity of white-shrouded mountains. I've been away from Reykjavík so much that every weekend is a mania of visiting and parties and lunches out, but it's made Iceland feel more special than ever before. It's my home that I never seem to quite get enough of. So for now, maybe that's my answer. It's not game over here just yet, and if the place feels right, do I have to question why it does?


Food, she thought. said...

I know what made you smile. Ice cream delivery.

Anonymous said...

I think it's that Iceland magic that draws so many of us in. You're the...lucky?... resourceful?... heart following?... whatever the adjective, you're the one who gets to stay after the tourists have all gone away and see even more of that magic that we only get to see in our dreams.

-Sarah :O)

PS Did you like the picture I sent you? I'll have to order another one in a larger size to try to catch him smiling in it! :O)

Jess said...

Hi! Hope you're well.

May I have your votes by the 30th, please? Thank you so much. *x*

tsduff said...

I've read this post so many times... it sounds right. Iceland is kind of like a virus I think.... once it gets into your system, there's no help for you if you have no immunity.