09 June 2005

Little people in da house

J and I have recently admitted to each other that we've been seeing things in the house- we'll be sitting in one room and we'll see something darting in the other room, or a movement dashing around the corner. It's always small, and we definitely don't have mice or other creepy crawlies, so both of us just kept quiet about it until yesterday. I finally mentioned that sometimes I think I'm seeing things in the house but there's never anything there, and he said he'd been seeing the same thing since he moved in.

We've decided it's the Little People. Everyone here believes that they exist anyway, and we live in an old neighborhood, so why not here in the house? I hope they like watering plants- I keep forgetting to do it!


Batucada said...

Thanks for the image of the little people. You could also add the photo of the house with all the stuff in the front yard from a previous trip.

Matthew said...

My parents actually own that hefty Gnome tome. It's an exacting volume which you might find useful in better understanding your miniature lodgers... (Do they have their own blogs about the 'big people'?)

JB said...

The NYT did an article on this today: