21 June 2005

more on ships

I know this is my third post about boats, but it's hard to ignore them when the harbor is such a presence! My new favorite thing is to check out whatever boat's got the prime parking spot on the wharf, then come home and google it to see why it gets first berth.

Last week we had Paloma, a German cruise ship (well, more of a vintage ocean-going jalopy), and yesterday heralded the arrival of Beautemps-Beaupré, a French oceanographic research ship, complete with decked-out French Navy crew members zipping around town. Last week there was what looked like the pride of the Icelandic Coast Guard on display, and a few weeks back there was a Ukranian school ship. This marine traffice has made me miss the Cape less, since I'm getting all the fun of WHOI, but with different paramaters and source countries.

J and I also saw a huge cruise ship being hauled in to the harbor on Sunday by a purposeful tugboat, just in time to get the really soggy downpours, complete with the clouds that obscured all of Esja. We saw it departing on the horizon yesterday just as the clouds lifted, as gleaming and enormously white at the distant Snæfellsjökull. Wonder what all those cruisers thought of Iceland after that welcome weather!

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