17 October 2005

New features

The boat thing seems to be taking over the blog and I have developed a daily obsession with finding out what's new at the harbor, so I've decided to give in and change the name of my blog.

J and I spent the day in the house reorganizing and moving furniture (diagonal couch! Crazy times) which meant that we could see the ponderous progress of all the boats in and out of the city today. There's a lot to be seen on a Sunday, with the whale-watching boats, tugboats, and of course, the fishing ships.

We saw Vigri on the way in and then later in the day we were driving around the docks and saw the ship tied up and unloading. Families had driven down to pick up their seafaring members, and the boat was disgorging strapping fellows lugging bags and suitcases. This boat was beautiful, definitely reflecting its relatively young age, showing almost no rust and a fresh, creamy paint job. Clustered around it was the lineup of other ships, groaning with nets, and the unloading cranes and forklifts hummed around to pull down the freshly-caught load of fish.

Later in the day I discovered that the Associated Icelandic Ports website lists all the ships due to arrive or depart the harbor today. It showed Vigri had arrived much earlier than the anticipated 18:20, and listed the Flutingaskip Reykjafoss (cargo ship Reykjafoss) due in at 22:00.

About 10 minutes ago I went to the window, and against the meager lights of the farms at the base of Akrafjall, I could make out a stretch of moving lights. There she was, Reykjafoss in all her illuminated glory, bound for the docks at Kleppsbaka. I am going to have to check this site daily now, just to make sure I don't miss anything exciting. Who needs TV with all these goings-on outside the window?

Ship report: I think you've had enough boat talk for today :-)

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The Prima said...

I tried clicking the "English" link on that harbor website hoping to discover another English translation, only to find this:
The English site is under construction.
Information about the ports in english will be published very soon.


In other news, I think what you're doing is called ship spotting, isn't it? That's awesome. I've always thought that if I lived in another place at another time (but really just in another place) that I'd be a train spotter, or maybe a plane spotter, but I hadn't thought of ship spotting. That's pretty nifty. I bet spotters of all types have bulletin boards on the internet where they can share their sightings. Sounds like fun. I'd totally do my part if it were easy.

Maybe I'll take up MBTA train spotting (marking down the trains I take). :-) I should have started years ago...