20 October 2005

Wish you were here

Tomorrow is an exciting day for my loom. After being packed away months ago, it is being loaded onto a ship in Massachusetts, and making a leisurely trip to Iceland. I think it will stop in Virginia and Nova Scotia before it comes this way. It's the first sea voyage for this most-loved of objects, and I am excited to think of having this way to express my inspiration again. Never did I think I'd be weaving with a view of icy Reykjavík waters outside the window. I am sure it will be quite inspiring.

In other wishing-you-were-here news, I discovered a brand of skin cream (or should I say "skyn" cream?) that thinks living here means never being stressed. Glad they think so. It seems to have been developed by someone with sage stress-busting advice such as, "don't skimp on sleep"(fall 2005 newsletter) that has no visible connection to the Land whatsoever. At the very least, the pictures are nice, and they have a handy-dandy screensaver for those days when your eye cream isn't working well enough and you have to look at soothing images of waterfalls "in their natural habitat." Yes, the site talks about the natural habitat of waterfalls... I suppose un-natural waterfall habitats would be corporate lobbies or something.

Ship Sighting: more fish unloading, as usual. Steinunn was there again, listing horribly away from the docks. I think someone forgot to take the cod out of her starboard hold. I think this blog may start to become a saga of codfish unloading, proof of the continued truth of the proverb, "lífið er saltfiskur" (life is salt-fish). Bloggið er saltfiskur.

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tsduff said...

I am so excited to have come across your blog. My boyfriend is Icelandic, and we took a trip there last month. It was fabulous. Hearing you descibe many of the things which I experienced for the first time is great. We are planning the next trip next June for his family reunion. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts.