21 February 2006

Harbor watch abroad

So there's no harbor here for me to inspect but I am all over this church I can see from my hotel room and I can guarantee it's not moved since I arrived an hour ago. I haven't seen much of the country but so far Holland is as billed. There's a few windmills, some canals, a lot of highways on REALLY flat land, and bicycles galore, with their own bicycle stoplights. Iceland seems so very far away right now, especially places like Heimaey where J and I climbed the cliffs to see that view only two days ago.

I had planned to have some Big Fat Blog Posts about the trip, partly so I can remember it later for myself, but I'm not sure when that's happening with this Whirlwind Holland Tour (three cities so far in one day). The whole weekend was bathed in glorious un-Icelandic sunlight, and the island is one of the most otherworldly places I have seen. I think it's my New Favorite Place in the Land.

Ship spotting: Um, I saw the sign to Rotterdam on the way somewhere today, but that's about as close as I got to boats, except for the drive through Hafnarfjörður this morning. I'd love to go to Rotterdam and see some of the really big ships sometime. Not on this trip though.


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SB said...

When you go into Amsterdam, notice the sweet smell in some places

;) They aren't burning insence....but 'flying away' in a blue cloud

ECS said...

I walked straight through the red light district on the way to my hotel room and saw lots of the coffeeshops on the way! I actually kinda like it- there's art galleries right next to latex corset shops, and going into either of them is equally normal to do. I also liked the cardboard shroom boxes I saw outside one place. They looked just like the kind of crates you'd see someone selling mushrooms to make pasta sauce from, but with a few more psychedelic colors on the side.