20 February 2006

zippin, zippin, zippin

I just got back from an incredible Secret Trip that J planned in honor of Konudagur, the special just-for-the-ladies holiday, and now I am off again tomorrow. I'm going to spend the rest of the week in Tilburg (Holland) at my company's other office. Hopefully I'll have a chance to update this from my hotel or something, because I have some great stories from the weekend. J took me to the famed Heimaey, site of the 1973 eruption that destroyed a third of the town and built a whole new island.

I didn't know I was going on this trip until just today, so if anyone knows anything about Tilburg, Amsterdam, or even just Holland, please post a comment. I will be getting a day or two to explore and I want to enjoy it.


Sirry said...

I lived there for about 7 years, what would you like to see?
You can easily jump on a train and take off to Paris, Keulen, Amsterdam or even Antwerp.
There are fantastic museums in Amsterdam! Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. Keulen also is a beautiful city and we all know Paris. Antwerp is also known for its beauty.
The museums in Amsterdam are i.e. Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum and tons of galleries. Den Haag has Mauritshaus with some of Rembrandt's famous paintings such as the Nachtwacht (sorry if I misspelled) Delft is right next to Den Haag and that is the cradle of i.e. Vermeer and the painters from his time.
There is a textiel museum in Tilburg.

Now I'm only mentioning Paris and Koln because Tilburg is right in the center of Holland and getting anywhere from there is super easy. For that matter you could also find your way down to Maastricht and that area, even down to Luxembourg.

I miss Holland and don't forget to try their national food
'Patat Orloog' or 'Broodje Haaring'
Absolutely delicous!

Oh, Schevening is also right off Den Haag where I used to live. Many of Van Gogh's sketches are from that area, it's right by the sea, a famous turist area in the summertime. It's quite quant.

Enjoy Holland :D

ECS said...

I was hoping you'd comment! I remember you saying you'd lived here. So far I've seen a lot of things by car but it's much shorter than I expected. Downtown Tilburg is much more scenic than I expected, and it's a nice change to be in a dense city center. I probably won't be going anywhere other than Amsterdam on Saturday, so I'll have to check out the museum. Thanks for the food suggestion too- I hope I can figure out how to say it!