03 April 2006

Welcome to April

It is snowing furiously right now. Word to the wise: don't come to Iceland for the balmy weather!

that is all I have to say.


tsduff said...

Actually, it looked like it was beginning to warm up over there...!

ECS said...

Where'd you see that it was warming up? There's more sun, but the temperature is pretty much the same as it was in January, in November, and even some of October. It was snowing again on the way to work this morning, and now the wind is howling around the building again. At least the ravens seem to like it- they're all out soaring on the wind.

JB said...

Summer = winter = summer in Iceland. The only difference is really the amount of light. And yeah, OK, it's a little warmer in the summer (40s-50s) than the winter (high 20s-40s) but you can have snow any day of the year. They don't call it "Iceland" for nothin'.