03 November 2006

burning questions

I've kinda fizzled out on the WOW posts after this week's writing, so I'm not going to try. However, I have two questions for the multitudes, both here and abroad:
  • why are there multicolored pennants stretched across Laugavegur, each painted with a nicely-detailed silhouette of the female reproductive system, fallopian tubes and all?
  • why, after not worrying about them for almost two years, am I currently obsessed with the unavailability of Reeses Pieces and peanut butter cups here in Iceland? I've started scanning shelves idly for peanutbuttery goodness and it's a no-go here. All licorice and English stuff. I might have to request an emergency ration from the US at this rate.

and in other news, Christmas is apparently hot stuff right now. Yesterday afternoon I witnessed a Christmas fashion show for kids at the mall, complete with inappropriate club tunes, 3 year-old models strutting the runway, and foam snow. They're stringing up the lights on the lamp-posts and hanging garlands everywhere, and on Tuesday I went past a function hall that was crammed with whole tables of mini-Santas wrapped in plastic. As I said last year, with no holidays to stem the Christmas-tide from encroaching well into autumn, they get their holiday on pretty early here.

Ship sighting: I went down to the harbor a few days ago for some photo time and found all kinds of lovely ship and fishing detritus sprinkled around the dock. I happened upon a news crew doing some whale-hunt reporting, so I think my lopapeysa was seen on the news that evening.


tsduff said...

My lopapeysa is of the dreaded "dyed" variety - I was taken with a light blue one last trip. Sigh. Guess I'll never look like a native :-D

Christmas stuff in the stores here too - can't stand it. I am not a big Christmas shopper fan - can't even bring myself to venture forth into the very crowded downtown area of my little town during the mad rush as the shopping days dwindle. Hence, my new appreciation for online shopping.

sb said...

xmas stuff already here too, the next day after Halloween.
I'd love to send you some goodies, I remember how much I enjoyed it.
Email me your addy and you may find a little surprise :D in your xmas stocking :D Oh, no Icelanders don't do the stocking. Oh well, I'm sure you could do something with it :D

ECS said...

Terry- My lopapeysa is a cheap zip-up one from the camping store. I don't adore it but damn, the thing's warm! I'm thinking of treating myself to a Christmas present and having one made how I like it.

Sirry- am sending you an email as I type here :-)

cK said...

In Minnesota, we had some Christmas fanfare in the Macy's before Halloweeen. (Macy's here used to be Marshall Field's; and before that, Dayton's.) Maybe that is why it snowed in the second week of October?

Iceland needs Thanksgiving. Everywhere needs Thanksgiving. It's my favorite day of the year, and I think I'm a good judged of days of the year.