29 November 2006

lingonberries and painted horses

I'm posting to you from Stockholm, on my way to Amsterdam. The short notice of the flight meant a circuitous route, and rather than my un-favorite Heathrow, I ended up here for a few hours. I'm part of what seems to be a large migrant horde of business people, most of them besuited men.

There's not enough time to really learn much about here other than my quick lunch and interactions with the airline personnel, all of whom were very friendly if not always very helpful. Still, I'm curious enough to want to come back and see more than the inside of this vaguely 70's style airport.


sb said...

hey E, I had shipped off some cups to you. I put 8 on the package rather than 8b. Will it get to you, with you away?
My brain is like an american fruitcake at times, dense ;) couldn't remember the other adr.

Anonymous said...

Too bad you did not have the time to visit Stockholm... Anyway, have fun in Amsterdam and don't forget to write down the name/address/website of the nice hotel you're staying at!

ECS said...

Sirrý! I am rawther excited about those. Maybe they will be there when I get back!!

Steffán- I'd like to go back to Stockholm, although I think at this point Norway would be more likely since I know Norwegians and don't know any Swedes. Also, here in Holland I am usually not in Amsterdam, but rather in a southern town near the border to Germany.

tsduff said...

I love lingonberries.