16 March 2007

sjúdúp- sjúpídú

Well, it's that time of year again, and this year for the song portion of the evening, we're doing acapella do-wop, or sjúpidúwop if you want to be Icelandic about it. My division of the company is a font of tuneful talent, so all us choristers have been roped together with The Famous K as the rhythm-driving finger-snapper.

It's very surreal to be standing next to your manager while he sjúdúps away, and after an hour of singing nothing but that this afternoon, I dissolved into giggles, still holding the mike while everyone else kept on sjúdúping. Such is life in Iceland.


Rose said...

Too much fun! Closest thing we get to that here is the teacher dance during a pep rally at my high school, or the teacher skit at the talent show (sigh). Sounds like y'all do it right!

ECS said...

rose: it was a blast, especially since we won for the second year in a row and got to sing it twice. I hope we can do it again next year!