22 March 2007

steaming, like krýsuvík

I know that a bunch of readers are now Baggalútur fans, so this one goes out to you. They've recorded a brandspanking new song, currently only available via their website. It was cooked up just in the past two weeks when a Swedish guy that plays with them (also a member of Hjálmar, the Swedish-Icelandic reggae band) came to perform in Akureyri. The guys decided to do a song in response to the ongoing environmental debate as Iceland continues to build aluminum smelters, disregarding the most valuable resource we do have here, the famous and inspiring landscape.

So, they wrote a song just like so (for those of you who can read Icelandic), and roped in the Gamlir Fóstbræður to add the sauce that only a bunch of older Icelandic dudes can supply. It's a choir composed of the former members of the famous and venerable Fóstbræður mens' choir (whom I last heard on Garrison Keillor's show here last May), and one of the members also happens to be the dad of a Baggalútur member, handily. They threw it all together last night and then posted it on their site.

Now that's a fresh song.

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Anonymous said...

What a great song and fantastic lyrics. You have to translate it for the non-icelandic speakers ;)