08 August 2007

the great Assembly

Last year I missed the family assemblage while in Holland, and I swore it wasn't gonna happen to me again this year, so to Massachusetts go I. As is usual with the expat life, visits to The Homeland involve lots of scheduling, much conferencing beforehand, a lot of "what's your plan for _insert date_". It's also the Time for Stocking Up, so thank you USD for being in a particularly fortunate position for Those from Iceland (all twelve of us). Of course, others here have put in requests for cheap stuff so I will return with an assortment of products that people here are wanting (crocs for the boss's kids anyone?).

And going the other way, my parents have managed to become great enough fans of Iceland that my mom has not once, but twice requested baggies of that dried fish-jerky specialty, harðfiskur. The rest of the space will be jammed with wooly things, chocolatey things, and licouricey things. Fun times ahead as I descend on the customs dudes at Logan with a bag smelling suspiciously of a stale tidal pool.


Professor Batty said...

...I took harðfiskur through customs twice, first time no problem (2004), the second time was last fall and I had to have it inspected by a customs official who gave it careful scrutiny and let it through because he said "Iceland has a very low incidence of animal diseases..."

I still miss having some proper "sal-lakkrís", all we can get here is Swedish yuk.

sb said...

The licoricy things are mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine......my mouth is already watering mine mine mine mine mine mine mine...if you could only hear the cheer in my head. Mine mine mine mine mine mine mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyummie

me again said...

Professor Batty

there's a store in Portland Maine that sells some Icelandic candy. I'm not sure what their selection is as the ONLY thing I'm interested in is Þristur!!!!!

tsduff said...

I would put in my order for hardfiskur if you were coming to the west coast... :-) I still have a few packs from my last visit but no SMJÖR (butter) to go with.

My blue opals are no longer made boo hoo - and I have a few packs of green Topaz left (the ones I hid in the drawer so my Bjarni couldn't find and devour them...) Have a splendid trip and visit E.

ECS said...

batty: Well, passport control guy was skeptical and literally gave me a scarlet letter (a big red A on my customs form )but when the customs dudes learned it was all about dried Icelandic fish, they waved me on.

sb: those have caught on in my family now too! Everyone was eating the last pack of Þrístur I had with me the whole week.

tsduff: My mom wanted to have some butter but I was in Boston for 2 days with no fridge and then drove to the cape in a car with no AC, so I think the butter would not have survived. Same for the lobster I would have liked to bring for my brother and his wife. Better luck next time.