09 August 2007

eggs before leaving

I have realized that it's become a bit of a tradition for me to have scrambled eggs for lunch on the days I have afternoon flights. It's the perfect air travel meal, since it sticks with you for a good long time, and better yet, is a great excuse for using up that last rind of cheese, the one forlorn tomato, the remains of the spinach leaves. It's becoming the flavor of anticipation, these pre-boarding eggs.

And now, so that nobody misses Iceland too much, a few views of Classic Iceland, including peculiar water colors, lonely mountain-ringed churches, rock-stack cities in the middle of nowhere, and statues that watch over travelers.


Anonymous said...

hey! how are you? I've sent you a couple of emails, but I'm not sure if it was the right email address... let me know if you got them.
In case you didn't, Gunnar James was born on June 22nd at 1:08am!
I hope you're well!
-Sarah :O)

sb said...

See u Saturday E!!!
I'm really looking forward to it, humming down the highway in a veggie wannabe.

cK said...

Enjoy the travels. Perhaps you'll post more photos from back home? I recall you horseback riding in New England (not in photo on the blog but in text with supporting photos of the area in which you were riding). Am I making all this up?

Happy days,

ECS said...

Sarah: I've seen the mails and I've been waiting to reply because I bought you a card and everything but it got all lost in the travel-shuffle. And now the secret's out :(

SB: thanks for the ride and I am sorry to hear about the car! I hope it all turned out ok.

CK: you do not invent it, and there was this photo of my friend J that I took from horseback. Photos of the most trip are forthcoming, but of a different area of New England!