30 August 2005

bus system improvements

I just got back from Kópavogur, where I went to spend 3 seconds getting my photo taken for my work ID. The bus ride turned out to be the best part of the outing.

On the ride out there, I'd noticed a few slim laminated books attached to some of the seat backs. Since the bus system recently reorganized, I figured it was some kind of informational booklet touting the marvels of the new Reykjavík bus network. On the way back, familiar with the trip and done admiring the atmosphere around Mjódd, I glanced through one of them.

Turns out they're all short stories, some in English, some in Icelandic. The one at my seat was a six page tale of a girl who had just turned 18, and had moved out of her house (of course she takes the bus to do this) so she could marry her girlfriend.

I can see all kinds of future entertainment with this one... what if they had a story that was in chapters, with each chapter at a different seat? People would have to swap seats during their ride to finish the story. Or, for immigrants like me, they can do a side-by-side with the English and the Icelandic, so I can brush up on new vocab and sentence structure while I'm heading to work. I could have learned the word for "domestic partnership" this trip if they had. Instead I only know how much it costs. 5100 krónur, if you're curious.

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