10 August 2005

the unknowable requirement

I haven't written in a while because not much has happened in a while. Lots of porch-sitting, a little painting, and some how-de-do with the neighbors has taken up most of my time.

until today.

I got word from Iceland that they'd added a new requirement to the permit application, a requirement that was not listed on the applications, the instructional forms, or the website in either English or Icelandic. Apparently I need a doctor's note now, something which no liability-minded doctor will write without actually checking me out beforehand.

I am reminded of my college days when before we started the rowing season, we had to get a physical (Hi Angel! I know you remember this). I once again need to be certifiably fit for training purposes apparently, and they're not letting me in until I get inspected, even though I'm going to be inspected by icedoctors in a matter of weeks as a further requirement befor getting the actual stick-in-your-passport res permit.

Of course I can't get an appointment until next Friday, and of course there's more to come following that part of the process (still have to send my passport to the Danes in New York and wait to get it back)

On the positive side, I have the persistent HR guy in Iceland to thank for finding this out at all, since I expect it would have been many more weeks before they'd have told me without his interference, or the worst-case scenario in which they denied me without telling me why. The other good news is that once I've got this letter, I'm approved, and I'll be just that much closer to finally earning my keep again. This idleness and Victorian-style tea sipping out here is starting to get to me.

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Sirry said...


Well here's the 'Glad-Game'

The French are MUCH worse. I had to get
1)Aids tested
2)pricks for this n that/don't remember all of it
4)And I had to run around town to get all of this :(

The best part of all! I was able to make a positive photograph out of the X-ray, it looked really cool, till the Museum School in Boston lost it.

But hey, 'Glad-Game' again. I enjoyed it, the photo of my chest while I had it.

I suppose we all have diseases where ever we go, according to those we visit, even though there will be a greater chance of us getting sick in the land that we visit.
Does this make sense, hmmm not really. But hey, the world still turns, the sun still comes up on my left and the moon just sort of pops up in the sky once it gets dark.

I wonder how my diesel will do this winter

Good luck with your Docs note :D