29 August 2006

Changes afoot

Well, me readers, me hearties, it's been a bit of a thrilling few weeks, most of which has not percolated through to this page. However, this most recent change will affect it since I'm once again being packed off to Holland, for another peek at the canals, some more of Carmen-the-blog-reader's favorite cafe eats (I loved it enough to want to go again) and a lot of work. Said pattern is anticipated to be repeated a few times in the next few months.

I'll of course be keeping an eye out for boats wherever I can, and I'll have camera and computer with me for updates as I go.


tsduff said...

Have a safe trip... hope all is well. Bless Bless

sb said...

Have a fantastic trip! Be safe!
Any news on a home? Btw, reading your blog in ie, it's far low on the page ??? no idea why. You seemed to have fixed it at one point. Not a biggie though

ECS said...

Hi Terry- thanks for the good wishes! All is mostly well, and verrry busy. Have been learning Norwegian these past few days (don't ask..)

Sirry- I don't use IE and don't recommend it, so I haven't got a clue why it'd have fixed or not fixed itself... As for housing, I'm secure for the next few months while I'm in and out of the land. Beyond that, who knows? Things are changing quite a lot in September (my birth month) and I have to see where a few things fall before I make this next move. It's just too crazy to attempt to do anything else right now.

tsduff said...

Norwegian... wow. Sounds like the biggest adventure yet :-D

steffán said...

Have fun, once again, in Holland! And come back soon with your icelandic stories (even if they transform into norwegian stories, i'm sure we'll all be reading them!!!)

cK said...

GAH!! That's awesome. I look forward to the updates.

Can we you see my jealousy seeping through the Web? It's that haze around this text. It quivers with jealousy.

tsduff said...

My Icelander wants to know if Norwegian is more difficult to learn than Icelandic.

carmen said...

Have a wonderful time!! And drink a kaffe verkeehrt (sp?) for me!

Sarah said...

Be safe and have fun in Holland! Hope to see you at the end of our trip! Oh, and when's your birthday?!

-Sarah :O)

ECS said...

thanks for all the good travel wishes everyone!
Terry- I've just been reading the language and it's about as easy/hard as Icelandic right now. Words are very similar and I'm guessing on a lot. I've got a few Norwegian friends and I've listened to them talk and I can definitely say I understand more Icelandic!

Stephane- the stories won't become Norwegian as far as I know, but I certainly plan to keep writing!

CK- I've been reading your blog now too, and you're getting around plenty yourself. Doesn't sound like there's much fodder for jealousy- you've been to Asia, still a great unchartered territory for me!

Carmen- anything you suggest is worth trying after that great cafe you told me about last time. I'll see what I can do and report back.

Sarah- sorry I'm missing you on Sunday but I hope you have a GRRREAT time. The weather is supposed to be fantastic the next few days so hopefully you get some of it when you arrive. And I'll tell you my birth day when I meet you :-)