01 August 2006


Yesterday my current residence visa in my passport expired. I am now technically living illegally in The Land. I called Útlendingastofnun to ask about this peculiar situation and after a conversation that began in English but rambled into Icelandic (yay! I can understand enough of the language to talk to Immigration Ladies!), I discovered that they are absolutely unconcerned that I had yet to receive the letter from them saying I could get my new one at the copshop. That 4000 krónur it now costs to renew your visa doesn't seem to bring expedited service, and immigrants running around without documentation is not a problem, apparently.

So I'm living lawlessly, but with the approval of the immigration office.


cK said...

This is just like that movie The Legend of Billy Jean. Only, instead of a bogus robbery or murder charge hanging over you and a series of run-ins with the law that endear the nation's youth to your on-the-lam situation, you're just in need of reupping your status card.

But, seriously: Please renew!

ECS said...

Yes CK, it's just like that, except (judging from a quick google for movie posters) without the interesting spandex outfit.

I'd be quite happy to renew, but I still have yet to wait "nokkrar dagar" (an undefined amount anywhere from today to a week) for the Magical Letter that I can take to the copshop, where I get the sticky.

until then, it's alleyways and basements for me. Very havey-cavey.

carmen said...

I love Magical Letters. Perhaps the Útlendingastofnun might look into delivering them through the Magical Internet Thingy?

If you want a good movie about being an illegal immigrant, I suggest "El Norte" but please don't use it as a life instruction manual, Miss Outlaw.

ECS said...

Carmen- that's too modern and convenient. This is the office that added requirements last year, then decided they didn't actually need them and approved the application before receiving proof. It's not their job to make it fast and easy to be an immigrant. All part of the fun.

I think I'll hold off on instruction videos until I see if nokkrar dagar is in a week or if they hold out on me for two months or so. By then I might take up residence in a secret attic lair or something. Could be pretty fun.