30 August 2006

daglegt líf

Inspired by Boston blogger Plo with his daily life photo entry, I decided to take a few pictures of what my neighborhood looks like. So, to start with, I walk out this door every morning, and here is the sidewalk construction I mentioned in an earlier post.

A few blocks away we get to my local grocery store where people are always meeting friends and neighbors, and it is almost always rather crowded. Still, I managed to get an uncluttered photo of the well-stocked dairy section, where this evening I picked up some fresh mozzarella. Back out on the sidewalk, I sometimes pass this little sidewalk detail that always makes me smile a bit.

So there you have it folks- daily life in Vesturbær.

Ship sighting: Yesterday evening I saw a cruise ship leaving, which is ironically named the MS Amsterdam. There's also another ship by the same name that's a replica of a slightly older ship. I'm spending this weekend in Amsterdam and I've been thinking of visiting the maritime museum there. Maybe this awesome old boat is there!


tsduff said...

What a great idea. Too bad I just drive to work... can't really take many interesting photos from the car... Love your frosted glass door. My digital camera broke this weekend at the State Fair in Sacramento. I'm so bummed. Amsterdam is a place we hope to visit next trip.

The Lone Coyote said...

Wow, I love your door!

Now that I am on a lighter rotation (well, slightly lighter), I look forward to exploring Iceland reading your blog.

dtw said...

Is might be just me, but the store looks like it would sell toys rather than groceries.

I love it!

ECS said...

Terry- go thank Plo for the idea! I borrowed from him. I think it would still be cool to do a photo series by car- maybe all the stop lights you sit at or something.

E- nice to "see" you here! I get updates on your life from Angel occasionally and it sounds like things are evolving nicely for you. Long may it continue!

DTW- now that I look at it, the store IS rather colorful. There are a few other shops in this chain and they're all like that. Your comment makes me want to do more of these day-in-the-life photos. What else have I been missing about my daily sphere?

dtw said...

E: Aww, that's nice. :)

Isn't it funny when other people can instantly discover some intriguing, obvious and/or totally fantastic new perspectives to things we're so used to?

The Prima said...

Nice shoes! And I loved the photos!

Skúli said...

I liked the idea of photos of your neighborhood so much that I decided to do the same. I have been reading your blog for some time. It always delights me how you manage to catch the telling detail of everyday life.