29 April 2007

the small views

In the same spirit as my post last year, I've taken some photos of how things look around me today. Now you can see the lace curtained wooden door I open every evening, the curved wooden stair rail that runs smooth beneath my hands, and the little rusty front gate with the clusters of daffodils around it.

And of course, the back yard like the dozens of them in this town, one of the great things about living in Reykjavík. It may be a capitol city but it still has the heart of a village with all the clotheslines, the barbecues and sandboxes, the garages and sheds. It's the secret Reykjavík that is never on the tours but is part of why I like it here so much. There's nothing quite like sleeping in sheets that have blown fresh in the sea air here.


Christian said...

watch out! there's a sneaker sneaking up from behind your garden wall!

I always found these "only 2, please" signs funny, you can almost feel the frustration of the spammees when yet another pile of crap for the whole house lies on the doorstep :D

ECS said...

christian: yeah, I considered re-taking the photo sans sneaker but I was feeling a bit self-conscious crouching in my front yard taking pictures of the wall. It would have given all the passing tourists something to talk about though, I suppose.. those bizarre habits of the Native Peoples.

As for the sign, part of the problem here is that we have a mail slot, so six copies of the real estate pages can be just the thing to make it really hard to open the door. The nice thing though, is that they actually do seem to respect the sign here.

Djaddi said...

Cool pics! The wooden staircase picture is showing the backyard though.

I'm looking forward to doing a photo tour in the neighborhood too.

tsduff said...

E - I do love these posts. Having been away from Iceland for the better part of a year - I'd have to say even the little pictures can whisk me back in the blink of an eye. Without seeing the whole thing - the tip of the church is enough to prime my memory pump. I should do what you suggested last year and do a picture story of my walk to work. Might be fun.

How's the heatwave treating you?

ECS said...

djaddi: thanks for pointing that out! That's what I get for not checking all my links :/

terry: You should do it! I remember you saying last year that your view wasn't that amazing but you might actually see some cool stuff if you do it as a project.
As for the heat wave, I like Icelandic heatwaves. They're always accompanied by nice breezes, and at this time of year result in tulips in the yard. I think it's kind of over now though- today started with one of those gentle soaking spring rains and now it's just calm, cool, and gray. Lovely weather!

tsduff said...

Okay - I'm inspired :-D