10 November 2005

alone in the stones

I have not forgotten The Blog, readers! I have been sick these past few days so my inspiration to write has been minimal. However, it has been a noteworthy week in that it is my first time in Iceland without J around, and it's been an interesting new experience. I am coming to terms with the Land as a place I moved, not just a place I moved to be with him.

I am still in between feeling like it's totally bizarre to be here and feeling kind of comfortable. This morning I took the bus to work, and through the mud-spattered, rain-misted windows, the drive to Kópavogur took on some kind of universal appearance. The neon lights filtered dimly through the windows and the smattering of people on the bus seemed as mixed (although much sparser) than anything one would encounter in any other city anywhere in the world. Busses all have the same kinds of hissing door sounds, and the engines hum in a similar fashion, wherever you are.

Still, I am constantly being reminded of the otherworldiness of this place- I started another round of Icelandic classes last week, and nothing cements the strangeness of my new life more than wandering in the Icelandic darkness trying to find a classroom with a group consisting of someone from Poland, a Canadian, a Guatemalan, and a guy from Nepal. Who would have thought such an odd crowd of people would find themeselves in Iceland together? It's one of the best things about taking classes here. Although most of the people moved here to be with a loved one, they come from all over the world to carve out their little world in this rocky place.

Ship sighting: Haven't been going to work the usual way (or much lately) so all I can report is Engey RE1 departed yesterday. I saw her moving out strangely slowly (no real visible wake, odd in the outer harbor) yesterday afternoon. Also, although this is primarly a ship spotting commentary, I had to mention a rare plane spotting moment I had on Sunday. I was on my way downtown and a huge plane flew right over me on the way to the Innanlandsflugstöð (city airport). This airport normally handles small planes to Akureyri, turboprops and the odd jet or two, so it was pretty incredible to see a 757 flying over so close I could read all the information on the side. There's not much on Blue Line Holidays on the net but I am guessing it's some secret Icelandair dóttirfélag. Anyone know more info?

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