18 November 2005

Broðir minn

My youngest brother arrived this morning from the States. He's my first family member to visit, actually the first person that has come to visit me (not J) in Iceland. We are going to do the old Golden Circle tomorrow and hopefully see something through the forecast rain. It's pretty exciting to have family here and I can't wait to open the suitcase he brought that's loaded with Christmas gifts and other cheer from my parents. Things from the Old Land take on mythical specialness when they have to come so far to be with you.

Ship Sighting. The paint job on Atlas looks like it's done today. The name has been repainted and it was on the scheduled-to-depart list this morning. Right now I am at home, and I can see the Morraborg on the horizon. It's scheduled to arrive at Grundartangi, the port at the aluminum smelter in Hvalfjörður at 3:30, so I guess it is making good time.

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tsduff said...


I really enjoy reading your posts. You have such interesting subjects and I love hearing about things from your perspective (as an American in Iceland).

My boyfriend is an Icelander, and we have talked about moving from California to Iceland. I would be interested in how you came to transition into the Icelandic community. Don't you have trouble with the language? Is it possible for you to get a job there without speaking the language? We did visit Iceland last September, and I completely fell in love with the country. People, scenery, food, everything.

Anyway, thanks for all your great posts - I always look forward to them.