14 November 2005

Is your pool experience lacking a certain something?

Well fear no more, literature has come to Laugardalslaug. In much the same fashion as the previously reported bus improvements, the pool has added smásögur (literally "small sagas" or short stories) to the heitir pottar and nuddpottur. The stories are all in Icelandic so my current grasp of the language only got as far as the beginning of one that was describing something about the largest company in mid-town. Not enough comprehension to really get thrilled about it, but I love the idea of stories while you soak. The series is all written on plastic laminated cards, strung together on carabiners and tied to the railings with plastic strings. It's part of the marketing for unglist, the youth art festival. I'm not sure what the youth art-Reykjavik pool connection is, but if it brings us books in the pool, I am all for it.

Ship sighting: This morning I saw the lights of Arina Arctica coming in at 7 am. It was due at 8 so I guess it made good time. This ship is registered in Denmark, and if you're needing to know if the load line certificate is current and whether it's up to date on propeller shaft arrangement oil lubricant, you can check it out here. You were curious about those things, weren't you?

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